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A new book on the visual history of children’s emotions

On 2 May 2, 2024, my new book on the history of children’s emotions was published by Bloomsbury Academic (London) under the title: Children’s Emotions in Europe, 1500-1900: A Visual History. See https://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/childrens-emotions-in-europe-1500–1900-9781350150706/

Committee for investigations into violence in out of home care of children and youth after the Second World War

In 2015, I became a member of the Committee for a preliminary investigation into violence in out of home care of children and youth after the Second World War. The task of this Committee, installed by the Minister of Justice, was to study the options and possibilities of an in-depth study of this subject. As a result of the report by this Committee, a new Committee, of which I also became a member, started its work in 2016. In june 2019, the report was delivered to the government. Report and all case studies can be found on https://www.commissiegeweldjeugdzorg.nl/eindrapport.

Recent publications

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Recent lectures

(2023) Analyzing Visual Sources: How to get closer to the educational past of early modern Europe? Presentation at Groningen Summer School, ‘Historical Analysis, Presentation and Narration’, 5 June, 2023, Groningen.

(2021) Making Childhood in Early Modern Europe Tangible: The Fine Art Approach. Presentation at Conference Stories on Childhood: History, Memory and Research, Riga, University of Latvia, 22 October 2021.

(2021) Looking at the Voices of the Child. Ideas, Challenges, and Derailments in the Educational Space of the Past. Key note at Conference ‘The Perspective of the Child’, EuSARF XVI, 2 September, 2021, Zürich.

(2019) De pedagogische ruimte in de tijd [Educational space in time), Groningen, University of Groningen, 19 December 2019.